Farlight Commanders

Game Genres: Arcade, Jump and run, Shoot ’em up, Side, 2D
Companies: Farlight Games Industry
Game Languages: RUS/ENG/MULTI12
Game Download Original SIZE : 2.3 GB
Game Download Repack SIZE : 1.1 GB
Since the days of the first deep-light explorers, life in this galaxy has not been easy. A rich mineral had been discovered near the core of the galaxy, and the company that sent the explorers many years ago wanted to control the planets. After years of war, the corporation owns more than half[…]
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Alpine: The Simulation Game

Game Genres: Driving, Lifestyle, 3D
Companies: HR Innoways, Aerosoft GmbH
Game Languages: ENG/MULTI10
Game Download Original SIZE : 1.5 GB
Game Download Repack SIZE : 928 MB
Welcome to the wonderful world of mountains! Alpine – The Simulation Game features a varied story mode with multiple missions, all set in a lovingly crafted world set in the snowy Alps. The landscapes invite you to spend time among high mountains, deep valleys and a small idyllic mountain[…]
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Game Genres: Action, RPG, Top-down, 2D
Companies: Laughing Machines, tinyBuild
Game Languages: RUS/ENG
Game Download Original SIZE : 1.4 GB
Game Download Repack SIZE : 1 GB
Undungeon is an RPG that brings back the spirit of old school RPGs wrapped in a modern design. Restore order in all dimensions, influence and determine the fate of worlds, create and decide what will happen in the new Multiverse. Game Features Colorful pixel art aesthetic: Every tree, bush[…]
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Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 – v1.0.57.10 + 2 DLCs

Game Genres: Lifestyle, First-person, 3D
Companies: PlayWay S.A., Play2Chill S.A.
Game Languages: RUS/ENG/MULTI14
Game Download Original SIZE : 16.8 GB
Game Download Repack SIZE : 8.1 GB
Become the head of a motorcycle mechanic empire in this realistic simulation game. Start with a small garage, improve it and buy larger ones with new features. Take orders from customers, find old bikes and give them a new life. Game Features Play endlessly with different types of bikes Try[…]
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Bright Memory: Infinite – Ultimate Edition – BuildID 10325320 + 9 DLCs + Bonus Content

Game Genres: Action, Shooter, First-person, 3D
Companies: FYQD-Studio, PLAYISM
Game Languages: RUS/ENG/MULTI11
Game Download Original SIZE : 10.9 GB
Game Download Repack SIZE : from 6.2 GB [Selective Download]
Story In 2036, a strange phenomenon occurred in the skies around the world for which scientists cannot find an explanation. The Supernatural Research Organization (SRO) has sent agents to various regions to investigate the phenomenon. It soon becomes clear that these strange incidents are[…]
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Hammerting – v1.0.12.0 + Multiplayer

Game Genres: Managerial, Side, Pausable real-time, 3D
Companies: Warpzone Studios
Game Languages: RUS/ENG/MULTI10
Game Download Original SIZE : 1.7 GB
Game Download Repack SIZE : 929 MB
Hammerting is a simulator of a vertical dwarf mining colony with role-playing game elements. Control a clan of colorful dwarves, orchestrate an epic mining operation, craft legendary swords, and dig deep for fame, fortune... and danger. As the conflict rages below the surface, the Dwarves[…]
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Nightwalker 2

Game Genres: Adventure, Exploration, Puzzle solving, First-person, Horror, 3D
Companies: Useless Machines
Game Languages: ENG
Game Download Original SIZE : 3.4 GB
Game Download Repack SIZE : 2.1 GB
Nightwalker 2 is a horror adventure game that tells the story of the most memorable adventure of the Night Walker and Sally. While searching for treasure mentioned in local legend, the two find themselves in a situation beyond what they bargained for. The events that keep them apart will leave[…]
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Grand Theft Auto: The Original Trilogy + The Definitive Edition Project Modpack

Game Genres: Action, Shooter, Driving, Racing, Open world, QTE, Stealth, First-person, Third-person, 3D
Companies: Rockstar Games
Game Languages: RUS/ENG/MULTI9
Game Download Original SIZE : 18.3 GB
Game Download Repack SIZE : 6.4 GB
Grand Theft Auto 3: A massive crime epic that changed open world gaming forever. Welcome to Liberty City. Where it all began. The critically acclaimed blockbuster Grand Theft Auto III brings the dark and gritty underworld of Liberty City to life. With a huge and diverse open world, a cast of[…]
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Super Robot Wars 30 – v1.0.0.2 + 4 DLCs + Controller Fix

Game Genres: Strategy, Tactics, Isometric, Third-person, Japanese, Mecha, Turn-based, 3D
Companies: B.B.STUDIO CO.,LTD., BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Game Languages: ENG/MULTI5
Game Download Original SIZE : 12.2 GB
Game Download Repack SIZE : 5.3 GB
30 years later, the battle for the future of our world continues. Super Robot Wars is a tactical RPG where characters and robots from various mecha anime team up to fight common enemies. Players follow characters through adventures and battles. Take control of giant robots on the battle map,[…]
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Corpse Party (2021) – x86/x64

Game Genres: Adventure, Top-down, Horror, 2D
Companies: MAGES., XSEED Games, Marvelous USA, Inc.
Game Languages: ENG/MULTI3
Game Download Original SIZE : 4.3 GB
Game Download Repack SIZE : 1.5 GB
A friendship ritual gone wrong transports high school student Ayumi Shinozaki and her friends to an alternate reality version of the tragedy-stricken institution that long ago stood on the site of their own school. As the vengeful spirits of the elementary school students threaten their lives[…]
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